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August 24, 2010 / paperkids

The cup that overflows

I definitely HAD to share this….

I got a call from my friend Amber the other day. It was so good to talk since it had been so long. I haven’t seen her in several years and, us both having children, we haven’t been able to catch up for over a year now.

I wanted to tell her all about Emma and the amazing thing that had happened to our family. I shared with her the blog in case she wanted to read about all the things Emma was doing and saying. She passed it on to her mom and apparently a lot of other people.

I received a wonderful comment from her mother, Rita, and had NO IDEA then what they were planning to do.

Being the kind of giving people that they both are, they were really looking for a something to do for us. Rita had asked Amber “What can we do?”

Well, I’ll tell you what they, and a few others, did for us. They  pitched in and purchased an iMac for our family and an iPad for Emma!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOA!!! I could not believe it!! Our computer is about to die any day. Any one of my friends could tell you.   I was completely blown away and in tears basically… and really in shock. I’m still in shock!

I have to say that I feel like the blessings are piling up here.   To be honest, this  really  didn’t start out as the best year of my life. In fact,  the last couple years have been maybe the hardest of my life. I had felt so much hopelessness this year and last. I think maybe despair is the right word to use. I hate saying that word, but I think many people can relate.

When this whole thing happened with Emma, I thought, “Nothing could be better than this” It is the deepest desire of my heart coming to fruition.

But I’m surprised to feel that what has been maybe more impacting for me in all of this has been a sense of renewed belief – miracles do happen! God is alive and He cares about me.   I am loved beyond comprehension.  I realized that not only have things been NOT entirely in my control (as I’ve been feeling for years), but things are also beyond my understanding and imagination. The awe and thankfulness I feel in my heart is hard to put into words. And the crazy part is, the blessings just seem to keep coming!! It just feels like my cup is overflowing.

 And this kind of giving that I’ve experienced  is so powerful and inspirational that it makes me want to give more and more. What an amazing thing to ask of ourselves: “What can I do?” for someone else. That question can change the world, and more importantly, our hearts.

When I told Emma about this, she spelled out:

I am overjoyed

I can’t wait to thank everyone involved and I wish I could give you all a big hug!!! And thanks for all your beautiful comments that just continue to lift my soul. This whole thing has been REALLY good to share, and not to mention so great for Emma as well.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I think the iPad is going to be really amazing for Emma!! I have been wanting one SO bad for her. I’m beyond excited!!


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  1. Christine / Aug 24 2010 1:03 am

    I am SO SO SO happy for you and Emma!!! Tell Emma I want to come over and check out her iPad! She can teach me how to use it! 🙂

  2. Heather Swint / Aug 24 2010 1:16 am

    hey!!!!! Amber introduced me to you via this blog. She is amazing – I have known about the ipad for a while – hehehe 🙂
    I am overjoyed for all of you.


  3. Candy / Aug 24 2010 1:31 am

    Your friends (and their friends) are wonderful people with giving hearts. What wonderful gifts for Emma. These gifts will surely encourage communication, even more. Wow! I can’t wait for Emma to start writing her book on her new computer! Maybe she’ll take over your blog or create her own!

    I look forward to all your blog entries…they make my day!

  4. Lynn States / Aug 24 2010 9:32 am

    Some of the blessings we receive from God come through others who love and serve Him. What a marvelous picture of that love!

  5. Amber / Aug 24 2010 12:55 pm

    I am glad that you guys will be able to use the computer and the ipad.You know it really is like that goofy commercial where one guy does something nice and it keeps going…

    There was an older couple that were in our small group when CLay and I were first married. We had just had Riley, and money was really tight. There was one month in particular that we were really struggling and we were wondering where grocery money was going to come from. We went to small group that week and didn’t say a word about it. The next day we received a check in the mail from this older couple in our group for $100. The card read, “We just wanted to bless you. Go pay a bill or something!” They never said another word about it. They never asked for anything in return. It really spoke to Clay and I about how important it is to act when we feel God is speaking to our hearts. Who knows how we are impacting someone else’s world.

    So, in the “cheese of the moment”….”pay it forward”! LOL

    • Molly / Aug 24 2010 1:28 pm

      Amber, what a really nice note, thanks for sharing, and thank you for the gifts for Sabra and Emma, I have always known Sabra had a gift for writing and now i see that Emma does too. It’s so exciting!

      Pay it forward was a very touching movie, even more is to experiance it in ones own real life.


  6. Sarah / Aug 25 2010 7:20 am

    Congratulations! God really loves his kids! 🙂

  7. Grandma / Aug 25 2010 3:03 pm

    I am grateful for my son’s family – Jared, Sabra, Emma and Hayden – for the generosity of spirit which has come your way. I give thanks and pray daily for each of you, and for all who care for you.

  8. Jen / Aug 26 2010 6:53 pm

    What a great thing for a friend to do! So sweet. And I am so happy for you all that this is happening with Emma and yourselves. Thanks for sharing all of this Sabra. Even though it brought tears to my eyes, they were tears of joy for you all. You deserve it.

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