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July 29, 2010 / paperkids

Why don’t I have a video camera!?

I have been trying to shoot video of on my iphone, but it’s been tricky uploading it. I wanted to take a video of Emma using her letterboard. But until I can get something up, I wanted to show what IPM looks like. And who better, than Soma. I’m pasting a link of her working with Dov, when he first started pointing. I watched this video, in tears, the very day before we had our breakthrough with Emma. Emma is getting better and better at it and, although I still give her some hand support, she is gradually doing more and more pointing with less and less assistance. We are steadily working toward her typing independently. Hope this inspires you as much as it did me!

Btw, this website: is where I got the information on this method. If you sign up on the site (it’s free) you can download the information brochure that tells you where to start. Soma, now has her own website, Unfortunately, her and Portia (Strange Son author and Dov’s mother) are no longer partners and, I believe, may no longer be friends. I think they had a falling out which is sad.

With Emma, I had been having her type for practice “I want candy” and then I just decided to ask her if she wanted more. When she typed “yes”, I was floored! My hand was on hers, but she guided it. Every child is different, but it’s been a pretty great success for Emma. Video to come (I hope)!!!

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